Organizing As One Constituency

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Muslims have been present in America since its founding. In 2014 President Obama referenced the “achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” Despite that role in the American story, today’s American Muslims remain vastly underrepresented and largely excluded from the political process.

That was never been clearer than the 2016 election. The politics of fear and othering of Americans who are Muslims just because of their faith, banning them from entering the country just because they are Muslims, criminalizing refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war, violence, and persecution just because they are Muslims - all unconstitutional religious discrimination! 

This was a wake-up call for Muslim Americans and the organizations that protect their values. In 2017, a core group of Muslim activists responded with an unprecedented focus on organizing to enact change in the political terrain of our country through the Muslim Caucus of America. Filling the gap to better equip our communities to build the power of people; by building capacity, by creating spaces for continuing education, consciousness building, and training of activists and leaders who are on the front lines in a way that creates opportunity and advances racial and religious equity for all.

We are proud of the diversity which naturally reflects in the broad range of racial and ethnic backgrounds of Muslims in America which undoubtedly helps make American democracy stronger. The Muslim Caucus of America reflects that diversity and is committed to seeing Muslim Americans positioned to work towards a more thriving democracy. 

Since our country's inception, race and religious based barriers have hindered the fulfillment of our shared values and many of these barriers persist today in the form of Islamophobia. This is our moment to organize locally, regionally, and nationally to build our power and take action against the systemic racism and religious discrimination that threaten our civil and constitutional rights as Americans. 

Muslim Caucus FAQS

What is a Caucus?

A Caucus represent the interest of a specific group or constituency such as Blacks, Hispanics, Labor, and Asians, etc. within the Democratic Party. Therefore, the Muslim Caucus of America represents the interest of the racially and ethnically diverse constituency of Muslim American Democrats.

Why the “Democratic Party”? Why not independent or no party affiliation?

The reality is that all political power in the United States is shared by two parties: Democrats and Republicans. The Muslim Caucus of America shares common values and priorities with the Democratic Party. We want our democracy to work for all Americans including Muslim Americans and the best way to ensure that is by working with the Party from the inside out.

What is your Platform? What do you stand for?

All political issues affect Muslims in America. See our dynamic platform in action here.

How are you different from other organizations?

The Muslim Caucus is invested in the capacity building of Muslim Democrats. Our anti-Muslim work is anti-racist work, and this means our strategies are unique within this space, serving as a guiding presence in your Local, State and National democratic institutions. We believe that legal, economic, and social justice will only come about when Muslim Americans are equally represented among the nation’s political decision-makers.

I am not a US citizen, can I join/donate? Can I help in other ways?

You can only donate if you are a US citizen or permanent resident. You can, however, volunteer your time. You can help us with social media monitoring and blog post writing.

I am currently-enlisted military — can I join/donate? Can I help in other ways?

Yes, you can! Members of the Armed Forces on active duty may join political groups, sign petitions, donate to candidates and groups, and help with voting assistance programs. Read the full ethics regulations here.

I have an issue I’d like to see addressed in the Muslim Caucus Platform. Can I make a suggestion?

Muslim Caucus of America Platform is a dynamic document. We welcome suggestions. Email Us

How can I support the Muslim Caucus with a donation?

You can donate online at Act Blue.

If you are more comfortable mailing your contribution, please address to:
The Muslim Caucus of America
P.O. Box 2481
Jenkintown, PA 19046