About Us

The Muslim Caucus of America, poised to be a strategic partner to our members and affiliates across all 50 States in catalyzing democratic renewal. The Muslim Caucus is on a bold path to cultivate and lift up our grassroots, multi-state affiliate base of changemakers organizing to advance racial, economic and religious equity. By mobilizing the shared aspirations and hopes of the Muslim people in all their diversity, our politics will be reshaped, and the American Democratic promise extended to all. 

Muslim Caucus of America is a 501(c)4 that builds power from the community up, empowering grassroots affiliates to increase participation with access to tools that intentionally build structured and collaborative leadership, develop a path for political engagement and powerfully build collective action. Through our collective action, we will progressively increase our electoral power!

Muslim Caucus Education Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit that supports civic education and leadership development of diverse American Muslim men, women and youth. We provide training, facilitate local and regional collaboration, and support voter registration. Learn more about the Education Collective. 


To create a bold, visionary, and engaged Muslim Constituency that is unstoppable, with an infrastructure of shared commitment across the 50 states to build American Muslim Electoral Power.


To transform the face of civic power, leadership and electoral politics in the United States.


  • We Invest in building the leadership skills and civic power of American Muslims who have been excluded from democratic discourse.
  • We provide hands-on support to local affiliates and active members with the necessary tools for capacity building and organizing to achieve our mission of building American Muslim Electoral Power.
  • We prepare American Muslims in the practice of democracy every day - not just at election time.
  • We facilitate peer to peer learning by connecting activists and organizers to one another to sharpen strategies, enhance the power of organizing and streamline American Muslim political capital.


  • Increased political engagement of American Muslims across the country.
  • Amplified authentic American Muslim voices, ensuring our community members can lead and are recognized for that leadership.
  • Empowered American Muslims exercising our civic responsibility and duty to hold elected officials accountable and challenging establishment politics.
  • Growing the number of American Muslims candidates elected to office.






Empowering American Muslims to run for office, hold elected officials accountable and challenge establishment politics. 


                          MUSLIM CAUCUS                          EDUCATION COLLECTIVE

Civic education and leadership development
for American Muslims.