Together, American Muslims have a tremendous amount of power— and endorsing is an important first step to influencing who represents us. All across the country, Muslim Caucus members, chapters, and affiliates are endorsing candidates. By making endorsements we are creating meaningful paths to promote policies and values that align with our platform, strengthening relationships with elected, energizing grassroots Muslim Caucus members, building our shared purpose, and contributing to the functioning of a more equitable democracy.

We know elections—especially primaries —are important! We also know there are best (and worst) practices for engaging in campaigns. That is why we wrote a guide to demystify the process with guidance for the local Muslim Caucus on how best to engage in both primaries and generals.

How We Make Endorsements


The Muslim Caucus exists to support the work of our members, chapters, and affiliates across the country. To further the impact and help amplify the endorsements at every level, the Muslim Caucus will facilitate a grassroots-driven national endorsement program for local, state, and federal (U.S. Senate and U.S House) and gubernatorial candidates.



Apply for an Endorsement


We are a member-driven organization with over 700,000 American Muslim progressives across the country, working closely with campaigns up and down the ballot in all 50 states to send progressive Democrats to office. We look for elected officials with the courage of their convictions – for justice and equity for all – candidates who work tirelessly to build a more equitable democracy for everyone. 



The Muslim Caucus endorsement is partly determined based on the answers to the following questions: 


  • Will the candidate move the progressive movement for an equitable democracy forward in their community?
  • What do local members want to see their elected leaders stand up for, and does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?

  • Do the candidate's positions and policies build an equitable democracy, especially in the fight against income inequality, for racial and religious justice?

  • Is the campaign building a strong people-powered operation and is the candidate working to win?


An endorsement from the Muslim Caucus can mean a host of different things, depending on the race, the political moment, and what Muslim Caucus members, chapters, and affiliates care about most. A Muslim Caucus endorsement can lead to strategic support - we work closely with campaign teams to support a campaign of field organizing, fundraising, earned and paid media, political power-mapping, and operational strategy.


If you have questions or want to let us know about a candidate, please email us at [email protected]