Muslim Caucus of America (Muslim Caucus) is a national member-driven 501c (4), powered by multi-racial American Muslim Democrats, we are building power at the local, state, and federal levels. We engage in electoral work for racial, religious, and economic justice. Through a national organizing infrastructure mobilizing a broad coalition of progressives to elect a diverse electorate that is inclusive and representative of all Americans. With a vision to eliminate barriers to an equitable democracy - humanizing the impacts of institutional racism, Islamophobia, discrimination against migrant and refugees, climate change, criminal justice, and socio-economic injustice in our nation.




Our mission is to support the ethnically and racially diverse American Muslim Constituency through a progressive national organizing infrastructure across the 50 states, with a shared commitment to building a more just, inclusive, and multiracial democracy.

Muslim Caucus of America is building a shared network of affiliates to connect local community activists, political leaders, and opinion leaders in regions across America. All Muslim Caucus affiliates are independent advocates with the shared vision of building a more equitable democracy for all.

Muslim Caucus of America is a national political organization mobilizing progressive American Muslim Democrats across the country. Thousands of our members organize at the state and local level to advance the democratic ideals of an equitable democracy, engage Muslim constituents to become active participants in their local and state political process and elect qualified candidates who support our platform and align with our values of an equitable democracy to public office.

Muslim Caucus is run entirely by Muslim democrats, dedicated progressive members from all walks of life who have the chance to open new doors through their involvement at a local, state, and national level, including engaging Muslim Democrats Abroad.

On November 3rd, we have the opportunity to replace a lying demagogue and take our country back. Muslim Caucus supports progressive candidates that speak truth to power and fight for the soul of our nation. We may be a small constituency, but together we have the power to lead change. The Muslim Caucus is recruiting volunteers with existing social networks locally with the goal of leveraging their networks to build large teams of volunteer organizers through our unique distributed leadership approach to "movement building."



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