Our mission is to support the ethnically and racially diverse American Muslim Constituency through a national organizing infrastructure across the 50 states, with a shared commitment to building a more just, inclusive, and multiracial democracy.


OpED: Sri Preston Kulkarni’s War on Facts

 December 17, 2020 ·   · 1 reaction

“Things come apart so easily when they have been held...

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Election 2020

 November 12, 2020 ·  

The Muslim Caucus of America (Muslim Caucus) congratulates Joe Biden...

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Muslim Caucus For Bernie /Rummi Khan in Iowa

 February 06, 2020 ·   · 4 reactions

Rummi Khan in Iowa

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In A Historic First, Iowa Mosques Participated In Statewide Caucuses

 February 04, 2020 ·   · 2 reactions

For American Muslims, the 2020 campaign has been the first...

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For 1st time in Iowa history, mosques are serving as caucus sites

 February 04, 2020 ·   · 2 reactions

Community members say the 5 'satellite' sites give Iowa Muslims...

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