Why Your Vote Is Crucial In Local Elections


As always there is a lot of focus on the November 3rd general election, all eyes understandably, on the presidency. However, there are other races and elections that have more impact on our daily lives. Indeed there are so many down-ballot races that are even more consequential and affect our everyday life. Because when our leaders at the top fail is, it is often our local and state officials, who can step in and make the change. 

Regardless of who becomes president, it's important for every voter to understand the impact of local elections. From judges to sheriffs, comptrollers to county clerks, state, and local offices they deserve just as much if not more voter consideration as the president.

It's crucial to keep our eyes on all the moving parts of the political system. Because everything is interconnected.

Muslims are making great strides in local elections. They are working to address the underlying problems that have led to the racism, the rise of white supremacy, economic disparities, healthcare, and so much more to secure a more equitable democracy for all Americans. Often times their voices are missing from the mainstream conversations. 

Thus, the Missing Voice is a webcast series hosted by the Muslim Caucus to bring you the stories of Muslim candidates on the down-ballot. Each 30-minute webcast magnifies the missing voice of Muslims in politics.

Tune in to hear their amazing stories. What motivates them, and the challenges and opportunities they face in the fight to create a more equitable democracy for all Americans.