Zohran Kwame Mamdani

Democratic Nominee for 36th Assembly District, New York State

Did you know that your vote has more impact in local elections than in presidential elections?

The Missing Voice” is a webcast series hosted by the Muslim Caucus. These webcasts magnify a different Muslim voice sharing their motivation, challenges, and opportunities in a fight to win a seat at statehouses and congress, building a bench for the future and changing the face of politics on a local level to make people’s lives better.

 Watch Ghazala Salam from Muslim Caucus talk to Zohran Kwame Mamdani 


I'm a housing counselor, an Indian-Ugandan New Yorker, and the Democratic Nominee for the 36th Assembly District. Our housing is unaffordable and our bills are unpayable. The reason is that big landlords and corporations have too much power, and tenants and workers don't have enough. I want to help our neighbors take their power back


He is fighting for fighting for,

Housing for All, Energy for All and Justice for All.



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